About Passages Malibu

Pax Prentiss is the co-founder and CEO of Passages Malibu. He and his father, Chris, revolutionized the drug and alcohol rehabilitation industry in 2001 with the opening of Passages Malibu, a luxury rehabilitation center in Southern California. Chris and Pax founded Passages as a way to empower and encourage people to resolve their drug and alcohol addiction with an all-natural treatment program and their own free will.

Pax himself was struggling with alcohol, cocaine and heroin for ten difficult years. Like many others, he was simply trying to avoid his problems by numbing himself with drugs and alcohol. When he confessed the situation to his father, Chris and Pax tried all of the nation’s leading rehabilitation facilities . . . only to find a generic 12-step option that did not work for Pax at all.

Pax did not like how he was forced to declare himself powerless in crowded group meetings. No matter if it was a 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day program, Pax would relapse shortly after completion. They would also constantly treat him like an addict with a disease, which only encouraged him to relapse again out of hopelessness towards his seemingly unchangeable, lifelong situation.

Finally, Chris and Pax become understandably fed up with the 12-step program and decided to create their own approach instead. This new form of rehabilitation took everything Pax didn’t like about the 12-step program and reversed it. Instead of group meetings, it focused on individual one-on-one therapy sessions; instead of declaring himself powerless, Pax declared himself hopeful; instead of a lifelong disease, Pax and his father viewed drug and alcohol addiction as a temporary situation.

Their solutions worked better for Pax than any 12-step program, emergency room, or therapist office ever had. Pax was able to get the bottom of his drug and alcohol addiction by identifying (and nullifying) the underlying reasons driving him to use, which was mainly loneliness, low self-esteem and depression. Upon his recovery, Pax knew that his program worked, so he convinced his father to open Passages.

Passages Malibu uses an all-natural (holistic) program that is extremely similar to the techniques Pax used to save his own life. The customized treatment programs at Passages emphasizes individuality and self-empowerment, treating clients as capable of overcoming drug and alcohol addiction using their own natural resources.

Pax is now a proud father and a family man, but he still maintains his mission to help stop drug and alcohol addiction through Passages Rehab. He is just one of the many examples of how the correct holistic treatments and one-on-one therapy sessions can resolve not just the physical addiction, but its underlying causes as well.

Thousands of individuals all around the world have been helped through the luxury rehabilitation services offered at Passages Malibu. If you or someone you know is has a drug and alcohol addiction and needs help, please call our Admissions Department at 866-360-5417 to learn how we are prepared to offer the best assistance possible at Passages Malibu.